Lilith Lucilia

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rapunzhawk asked: in the photos I'm pretty sure it's the mirror thing there is a man standing there and the other one in the clothes it looks like a hand. I think.

Aw I thought so! The hand made me jump a little, but the guy in the mirror has me a little skeptical.

Eating is the worst part or wearing lipstick, I need a straw to eat my soup.




“A Texas family has fled their home after finding some.. unnerving things in their daily family videos. The videos were being uploaded to YouTube and subscribers were pointing out a being or creature in almost every single family video. These are just two screenshots of the creepiest sightings, out of the many videos. The family has been blurred to protect their privacy.”


Oh my god I hate this fucking website.

Whereeee? I can’t find it :c

zombiejunk asked: You are so god damn gorgeous omg

Aw thank you lovely! X

Anonymously tell me your assumptions about me and I’ll confirm or deny them.

I’ll give you presents.

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Oh, how I wish I never cut my hair.